Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is being aware that you are dreaming,  and when you become aware of your dreams, you can start learning to influence and control your dreams. During the sleep process, it is common that you are not concious throughout the night. You do not have the ability of free thought and of choice as you would when you are awake. Lucid dreaming is effectively brought on by learning how to either stay concious during the process of falling asleep with techniques such as (WILD and WBTB), or to become conscious (Lucid) during the REM cycle of Sleep, through training yourself to recognise when you are dreaming. When you have a lucid dream you are able manipulate your dream due the fact that you have concious thought.

Learning to Lucid Dream?

Lucid dreaming is a skill that can be learnt by anyone, but like any skill, it takes practice and patience. The main goal for many people, if not just being aware of their dreams, but people want to control their dreams. and unfortunately, just becoming lucid does not mean you instantly gain full control of your dream, and often for many people, when they first timerealise they have become lucid in a dream. This will cause them to wake up.

So there are 3 Key area’s to develop

#1 Improving Dream Recall
The basics of lucid dreaming, are being able to remember your dreams. You have 5 or 6 dreams during the night, and many people only remember small snippets of what they were dreaming before they woke. You can improve your dream recall by keeping a dream diary

#2 Becoming Lucid
To become lucid you have to either stay mentally concious as your body falls asleep, or become concious whilst you are dreaming. There are many lucid dreaming techniques that have been developed over years for you to try. And with practice you will find one that works for you.

#3 Maintaining Lucidity
This is something that again will come with time, practice and you will become better at the more you manage to gain lucidity during your dream. There are various levels of lucidity, and the more lucid you are, the more control and influence you will be able to have over your dreams. As well as there being various techniques that other find work for them to stay lucid that may also work for you. You can read more in our Staying Lucid Guide

I hope you find the information on this website useful, and please use the contact form if you would like to either contribute or ask any questions